The electrician has started his work.

The painters were still working on smoothing out the walls along with the drywall on the ceiling.  The results are already transforming the house into something that looks brand new.  And in comes the electrician to put holes into every single wall in the house.  So far he has tried to cut out as little as possible, but there is only so much he can do since we are going with permits on this.  We want to do this renovation right and I am happy we have the right person for this job.  He is listening to what we want and giving his input, which will be saving us money it turns out.  Besides replacing all of the knob and tube wiring, he will also be installing HDMI and electrical outlets for our TV’s to help cut down on any visible wiring.  We are trying to place everything so that it can be generic enough for when its time to sell the house and the next home buyer can find value in what we have done.  Now onto the current pictures of what is involved with replacing the knob and tube.


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