The painters have been busy patching the nice huge holes left by the electrician.

They came in early Saturday morning and started to draw straight lines on the walls to fit the drywall going in.  Next they started to sawzall out the plaster to get a more square like fit.  They are finishing up today to get started on mudding up the plaster and drywall to make a nice flush seam.

Next up is getting the timing right for painting and sanding the floors.  We are pretty sure that we will be doing either an ebony stain or one shade lighter.  This combined with the Dunn Edwards Whisper white on the walls, ceilings, new crown moulding and baseboards should be a good match that anyone would like.  Very excited as it sounds like we might be able to move in, about a week from now.  I will believe it once we start bringing furniture into the new old house.

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