From the beginning of this project the cabinet company made good on everything they said. One thing I didn’t believe was going to happen was that this would be finished before Thanksgiving even though they scheduled to come out Thanksgiving day. They did better and the installers went into the late night so this was done before. Cabinet City is who I would recommend anyone wanting to do a remodel to go and get some prices.

The afternoon before they were coming with the quartz counters, while the cabinets were being finished up, I was told there may be a problem. The island slab and the slab on the other side did not match exactly. It was enough that if the slabs were connected they wouldn’t do it. But since the island is separate I would need to give the go ahead over the phone or go out to see this for myself. The issue turned out to be the port strike holding up containers at the dock. I like to ask a lot of questions so I got the full story. How much they were losing each day, how all companies in the area have the same problem, and how they can’t do anything about it. Having to pay for the containers to sit at the dock sounds awful and the woman helping me wasn’t too happy. She also mentioned that is why their warehouse looked so bare compared to normal.

I learned more than I needed to while I waited for them to lift both pieces next to each other in the sunlight. Honestly from this picture I had to ask what was the difference. I had a smile while asking this since I knew this wasn’t going to be a problem. The island side quartz slab was slightly lighter and no one I have asked that doesn’t know can tell me the difference. I was prepared for the worst case and thought here we go this could delay everything by months. Yes this quartz is perfect for us and the style we are going in the little 1930’s house. Just enough contemporary with neutral colors. Though some marble I saw was making me second guess the quartz. Go look up marble versus granite versus quartz for why we didn’t mind paying more for quartz. I gave the go ahead and was happy this didn’t hinder the finish date.

That farm sink I keep talking about is that much closer to be installed. New plywood is leveling out the soon to go on quartz counters.

The larger island on top of the pony wall works better than I expected. Everyone who knew what we were doing said put a little bar sitting area. But there is not enough room to do this unless you use tiny little staged table for the eating area. This little house is actually little. But this small overhand would allow for backless barstools to work. Somehow we got what I thought wouldn’t be possible. We used the island slab completely.

And yes the dreaded cut the quartz slabs in the backyard. Except if you come into the kitchen all the cuts look nice and straight. Funny how the internet myths go. Maybe skill is involved in cutting a straight line? I don’t know, but they did it.

This is the first time I saw our stainless steel sink out of the box. What a beauty. Look at how huge it is. And big enough to put more than a baby in to bathe. I am not a fan of double sinks, give me a huge sink anytime. Please!

Last picture before the sink goes in. What was that? Sink sink sink!

I don’t know why negative reveal or undermount sinks are so trendy, when you can have a zero reveal or flush mount sink. You get the best of both worlds. The only negative that I can find is that not every installer will do this. Look at that beautiful quartz.

The island side shows the new pantry. I was trying to figure out do we continue the full grey backsplash over or use the 6″ quartz. I think the quartz made more sense. We already had the electrician move the outlets far enough above to not get in the way of the 6″ area. The primered area is where the landline used to come into the house. Go away landline don’t come back ever again. I wish I could find a faceplate that has only ethernet so I could get rid of the gold coax connection, but once again first world problems.

Working from home I was trying to not get in the way. As I got engulfed in one of our grading plans, I looked at the clock and saw 10pm. I thought why are they still here and went out to check on the progress. This is what I was greeted to. They worked until they finished the backsplash. Amazing. Quartz counters and backsplash installed in one day!

Another view showing how the window ledge looks.

Another view showing that I need to level the refrigerator.

After they left I had to place the VIGO VG02007STK2 PullDown Kitchen Spray Faucet in Steel temporarily to see how everything looks.

Kitchen Remodel Finished, Sort Of

The final shot of how our kitchen looks when walking in. Beautiful..

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