We had less than a week from the time I thought the demo was finished enough, to the point when the installers would arrive. A crew of two came from the cabinet company for the install and I let them work without getting in their way. I took pictures every so often and knew the pictures would be much better once the counters started to get placed. Pictures of the process are always good.

The sink under cabinets went in fast. Everything was shimmed on the floor to be nice and level and fitment was amazing. A zero reveal, or flush mount, farm sink was being installed the next day so they made a custom cabinet. They did not put a back on the sink area. I prefer this over having a fully enclosed cabinet. We really do not need to hide the drain or plumbing.

Another view of the sink cabinet along with the Lazy Susan. Everything is getting pushed more towards the corner wall to have the upper cabinets be equal on both sides of the window. Maybe the original Home Depot cabinets didn’t come in multiple sizes to do this. I do not know, but I do know this ends up bringing a lot more light into the kitchen, which is a first comment for anyone entering who is familiar with the original layout.

I am paying a lot more attention to the farm sink cabinet, because most of the cabinet places were saying this was a big deal and not easy to do it this way. One thing we wanted was a farm sink no matter what. A slight outline in the picture to the left of the electrical outlet shows the few inches that everything is sliding over.

Another must have upgrade was for storage space in the small galley kitchen. The entire time I thought why is the original island so narrow? How about we just push the whole thing out and put full size under cabinets in? I was worried this might make the kitchen too small. After seeing this picture I knew we made the right decision. Before there was an island with no storage underneath. Completely wasted before and now completely functional. The pony wall in the upper right with a gap will be for a floor standing trash can. Yes I know we could have had a slide out trashcan integrated, but something seems gross to have garbage attached inside of the cabinets.

The existing microwave bracket shows off how much the cabinets are sliding to the left. Also the upper cabinets are keeping an angle of light that will come in through the window to brighten up the kitchen. The old cabinet outline can be seen on the left of the cabinet. This is the first picture showing we are putting in cabinets that go to the ceiling. This along with the pantry and storage under the island has effectively tripled the kitchen storage. How fast can I tell this? Now our counters are totally clear and we have so many open cabinet shelves that I can’t find kitchen items fast enough to fill this room. First world problems.

The refrigerator area is getting a couple of tweaks. First the overhead cabinet is coming out to the face of the fridge. Also trim pieces are being put everywhere for different reasons. Trim around the fridge to make it look built in. Trim other places so when a cabinet door opens it won’t hit anything. The gap above the fridge is for the future in case a new fridge is taller. I like to think of it as extra airflow to the rear. Unless you are my height you aren’t looking over the fridge anyways.

Kitchen Cabinets Install Complete

I never got pictures of the doors going on. I don’t know why. I was probably just amazed at what I saw with the finished product that I completely forgot. Another plus is that the doors are reversible with two different patterns. The cabinets are all solid wood which somehow was cheaper than the particle board from Ikea. Go figure.