The kitchen demo was completed about 1 week before Thanksgiving 2014. This was my first time doing a kitchen demo and had the help of a friend. The process is straight forward, only requiring a hammer, chisel, power drill, screwdrivers, and a shop vac.

The first painful part of the kitchen demo was to remove everything from the cabinets and put all that stuff in our eating area. The sink was used for objects I wasn’t sure how to stack just yet. I will leave the mess in the other room up to the imagination. It wasn’t pretty for this just a little over 3 week long House Adventure.

After one night of clearing the kitchen, we had our area ready to work. Get the charging ready on the Makita XFD01 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2 Inch Driver-Drill Kit because this drill is going to get some serious use. I would never ever want to disassemble a kitchen with a hand held screwdriver, get a power drill to make this much faster!

The first set of cabinets were removed. That was easy. A few horribly crooked screws into the studs removed, pull the cabinets down, and throw them outside somewhere. The idea was to recycle which my friend did find a place that would take the old cabinets. Everything was taken apart cleanly so these could be reused. We went through the whole process of do we just keep the cabinets and redo the counters? Or go all the way and replace it all while we are at it? The answer is obvious from the pictures.

The cabinets were removed from above the stove and of course some of the drywall top was torn off. No big deal, but this ended up showing with the new cabinets in place. Right now we just have smoothed out spackle with primer covering this. Since the new cabinets were going to have more space on the left side of the picture, some of the shadow is visible. Eventually we will repaint the entire kitchen.

After the cabinets were removed its time to start one the tile counters and backsplash. We started with a hammer and screwdriver and moved to a hammer and chisel. The idea is to not gouge the walls.

The backsplash started to come off and reveal the cement board. The mess and the dust is great, everything flying off is sharp, and I couldn’t wait to be done with this part of the kitchen demo.

The dust was so great that the camera can’t focus very well.

Once we got past the cement board I finally got a chance to vacuum up the debris. I just stood there with the wand in the middle of the room also trying to collect dust in the air. There is no good way to do this cleanly. But we did have an answer once everything was done.

A bucket is a good place to put the broken pieces. I had our trashcan below the window and was throwing most of this out the window. That ended up missing sometimes. Sharp concrete isn’t the greatest stuff to have on our driveway, so I decided to walk the bucket out constantly to the trashcan. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to go about this.

Once everything is pulled off the wall you can see exactly where the glue to drywall was. Gouges are going to happen. Just get this mess out of here already!

Eventually the mess disappears into the shop vac. Time to remove the plywood. This really will take forever with a hand screwdriver. Use a power drill to remove these screws. Whatever breaks off, use the chisel and hammer and break the screws out. At this point I am starting to get tired. I was working even more than usual during this time and was barely sleeping.

Under cabinets on the sink side were removed while I started to chip away at the island. Now that I got the flow down, this was much faster. Took me two nights and hammering away before the island was gone.

Again shop vac as much as possible out of the kitchen. The eating area hardwood floor was left nearly untouched. Probably because I was constantly cleaning up the mess everywhere.

In the background we added plywood to level the floor out. The plywood came from the counters. We tried to recycle whatever we could. The leveling of the floors is what really started the kitchen remodel. The original dishwasher was built into the counters and could not be removed without destroying everything. A new dishwasher had to be smaller because of the way it goes in and out of the enclosure area. With a level floor now we could put a proper dishwasher in and remove it if there are any leaks or it needs maintenance. Just about the last mickey mouse thing done in this house is getting fixed. Once the remodel is done, mickey mouse has left the building for good!

A jigsaw was used to cut holes for the plumbing in the plywood. A nice clean level floor. Only if the previous installer knew of such a concept. I know I know this is tough stuff to deal with.

With everything removed its time to prep the walls. I used Dap 12328 DryDex Spackling Interior/Exterior, 1/2-Pint and primer for this. Once the pink turned white it was time to prime. The idea was no one is ever going to see this, so we won’t be painting just yet. Thinking about this now, I should have painted before the cabinets went in. We also moved the 4 outlet receptacle and ethernet port on the wall to the right as a pantry was going in over there. I think I have posted how we wired the 1930’s house for ethernet and stereo during the initial work before moving in. Running strong wireless throughout the property was something I had to have.

One wall painted and primered and ready for install. Around this point I was starting to lose it and left the clutter on the floor until an hour before the install crew came in. We are almost at the finish line!

Something I always hated was that the stove and dishwasher were run on an extension cord into the receptacle on the lower right through the cabinets. Our electrician also put a new receptacle in for the stove and dishwasher behind the stove. This was also put on the correct circuit. Whether this is a small or big deal ti was worth doing anything we touch, the right way.

And just like that the outer stove wall is just about ready for install with that nice and neat new outlet.

The sink area was smoothed out, primered and ready to go.  The only people who are going to know what is behind the cabinets and counters will be those finding this blog and the homeowners, us! Otherwise no one is the wiser.

Look at that beautiful wall ready for some new cabinets, counters and backsplash. The idea of this blog is to show any potential buyers when its time to sell the house, how we tried to do everything right on anything we touched. We aren’t going to be selling for a while, but someone might want to know the history of the house.

To finish off the kitchen demo the holes above the stove are seen. A new microwave vent location will be made. The microwave receptacle will end up being moved. The microwave bracket will be moved a few inches to the left. On the right side our laundry room will be getting something done to it in the near future.

Kitchen Demo Complete

In the end, the kitchen demo took about 2 weeks. This would have been done faster but I was working my full time business during the process. Which got really busy of course even though i thought I was timing this right. We then gave the cabinet install place a heads up. We were given about a 1 week lead time for the install. The eventual install which will be coming shortly took three days total.