After we got all of the water leaks fixed our water bill dropped significantly!!

Wolverine Handle and Compression Sleeve Puller

Handle Puller

Before moving in our water bill was $47.  After fixing the leaks and moving in our water bill is now $44.  Talk about a huge change.  This included replacing the shower handles, gaskets, and Price Pfister Faucet Seats.  I ended up buying a special wrench to remove the seats.  That came in really handle, otherwise I don’t know how you remove the old seats.  We also bought a Faucet Handle and Compression Sleeve Puller Kit. The handle puller ended up pulling off the handle from the connection which we then cut the rest off to get the wrench around the handle to remove.

Now time to tackle the next set of fixes.  Those are the ones we are encountering as we live here.  First the guest toilet decided to continually run.  We went to Ace Hardware to pickup a toilet flush repair kit.  I was set on already buying the whole unit, until I saw the flapper sitting all by itself.  I figure save about $15 and let’s see if this is all that’s broken with the unit.  After coming back home with a Fluidmaster Universal Toilet Flapper, no more running toilet.  Easy enough fix.

Next I have been trying to one by one replace each sprinkler head so they hit the proper zone in the yard and also go back down after popping up.  I walked over the last one I wanted to replace and broke the riser.  After sitting in the yard trying to use pliers and brute strength I broke off what was left of the riser.  After reading on the internet of ways to get this out I went down to the local landscaping store and bought an Orbit Sprinkler System 1/2-Inch & 3/4-Inch Plastic Pipe Nipple Extractor 26076 for $8 and a new 1″ riser for $0.37.  Came back and pushed the easy out into the broken riser and twister the broken riser out of the PVC.  Screwed the new riser back in, put the new sprinkler head in that I had already bought and adjusted the spray pattern.  Talk about a huge difference.  The Torro spray pattern is so much cleaner than the Orbit sprinkler head that was already there.  I now see that I want to replace the 2 remaining heads, both quarter spray patterns, that I haven’t touched with these Torro units.

Easy Out

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