Today was a great day.  Almost all of the old knob and tube is gone.  The Electrical Inspection has passed in one try and we are closer to finishing this portion of the job.

I am amazed when I walked in today and saw that all of the wires have been run.  Including some last minute changes including running an ethernet connection to the kitchen for a second router which will mainly be used for backyard wifi and handling the Sprint Airave.  The cell reception is awful in this area, so the Airave is a femtocell used to boost the cell signal through the internet connection.  We also ran an extra HDMI outlet to the backyard deck for those nights we might want to watch a Lakers game or scary movie outside.

I asked our electrician again just how dangerous knob and tube wiring is and he mentioned if it hasn’t been touched it is fine.  But once you have someone playing Mickey Mouse that’s where the problems start.  He mentioned that the connection done from the knob and tube to romex in the attic was a fire just waiting to happen.  Not to mention that insurance wasn’t going to cover the house unless we were in the process of having the rewiring done.

Next up is for the painters to start patching the many many many holes in every room and start painting.  Nothing out of the ordinary has come up.  Though I would imagine if someone bought this house without the separate inspections they may have been in for some shock at what needed to be done.

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