We decided to check out the local Habitat for Humanity and I am so glad that we did.

We were trying to figure out a cheap way to buy a new rear door.  The existing door has major termite damage.  In fact I bet if a snail crawled up the door, the door would just collapse on itself.  The options at Home Depot were pretty good and seemed reasonable.  Some of the steel doors with frames look pretty nice and are under $200.  But who knows what might be lurking at a place that gets donations from who knows what types of projects or old houses.
Fast forward and after going through all of the doors outside and inside the building we found the right one.  A double pane vinyl door for $85 minus 15% discount for some door sale and we came home happy.  We couldn’t find the right hinges there, but if you need a few pieces for your house this is the place to go.  We ended up getting a 3pack of hinges at Home Depot for $10.  Now the termites can be terminated from the entire house.




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