As we demo the kitchen and get ready for the installation of new cabinets, counters and backsplash we needed to order a few additional items. One being what I think will finish off the kitchen nicely. A VIGO VG02007STK2 PullDown Kitchen Spray Faucet in Steel.

The box was delivered today and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside, even though this won’t be installed until after Thanksgiving.

The packaging is really nice. Each piece comes in a cloth booty, similar to expensive shoes, wallets or purses. The soap dispenser comes in a separate box and I almost missed that, until I wondered where is the soap dispenser?

The facuet’s stainless steel is a touch lighter than the Samsung stainless steel appliances that we have. But I think once the faucet is installed with the stainless steel sink, this won’t be as noticeable as placing the faucet and appliance next to each other.

To note I was checking prices at the big box stores and online. If you didn’t know Amazon changes their prices constantly. At the time I placed my order the VIGO VG02007STK2 PullDown Kitchen Spray Faucet in Steel was about $280. Two days later the price went down to $245. About two days after that i received a 5% off coupon from Amazon for the same Vigo faucet. If I knew how this worked I would have placed the product in my cart and waited about a week to see what discounts would have come to my email inbox.

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