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I can always sense when the refrigerator water filter is about at the end of its life. Can you also notice that the water starts to taste a bit different? And the ice starts to look not as clear and leaves a little mineral residue after melting?

Icon Blue to Red

I noticed the Samsung refrigerator water filter icon, on the front panel, slowly changing from blue to purple and finally to red. I took a look inside the fridge to double check that the filter’s time has come to be replaced. And yes the sticker I applied gives a date of a little over six months ago.

Amazon Has the Best Price

Update: Samsung filter looks sold out on Amazon. Buy this one instead, Ecofresca Filter.
As you can see from the following link buying directly from DA29-00003F Samsung Aqua Pure Plus Refrigerator Filter, this is the cheapest you will find the product.

Ecofresca EFW-DA2903 Water Filter

Because the Samsung replacement filter is no longer sold on Amazon I tried out the Ecofresca EFW-DA2903 filter. Pictures below comparing the old to new filter. Left is Ecofresca and Right is OEM Samsung. Ecofesca is made in Korea and is a direct fit.

Change the Refrigerator Water Filter

Its now time for the semi-annual refrigerator water filter change. Very happy buying through Amazon as they sell the cheapest authentic Samsung filter that I can find. Cheap and gets here within a couple of days.

The Filter Arrives

The filter arrived and I couldn’t wait to go back to better tasting water. The box came with 2-day Prime, even though we don’t subscribe to that service. Works for me. The taste gradually changes up until the filter icon turns red on the fridge. At that point the water taste is off. I opened the package and was happy to see what looks to be another OEM Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Filter. The package contents include the filter sealed with a red cap, instructions, and stickers for each month to know when to replace.

Time to Install

After removing the old filter, I ripped the seal off of the new filter, removed the red cap and went in blind. This isn’t very hard to replace, or is it? I tried to push the new filter up into the holder and twist until the filter grabbed. It would grab slightly but wouldn’t turn. I thought that was odd and first thing I thought was did I buy the wrong filter? That doesn’t sound right since I used the same link from the two previous filter changes. I looked up the model number again and compared to what we bought before. All models changed into the same Samsung DA29-00003G Aqua-Pure Plus Refrigerator Water Filter. Now I felt stumped.

Multiple Parts under the Same Part Number?

With no way of forcing the new filter into the holder, I took a close look between the old and new water filters. What is this? The teeth look different? How can the same part number have different parts? I started to search a bit more and came across just one review with the same problem. But that’s it, the teeth are different. No pictures, no more info, just the new product didn’t work. Now we have a problem finding a new filter then.

What Do We Do?

For now all I can say is that the teeth can be different on the same part number, Samsung DA29-00003G Aqua-Pure Plus Refrigerator Water Filter. The current OEM filter that was shipped August 2014 does not match into my 2 year old Samsung-RSG257AARS counter depth side by side refrigerator. Realizing the main problem is to see the teeth from a new box you must first open the box, remove the plastic seal around the filter, and then remove the red top. I don’t think a store will like me doing that. I am including a picture of the current model sticker as there are no dates or anything specific on the older filter’s sticker.

I will keep this post updated as I figure this out. But until then it may be a crapshoot if the OEM filter you order will work inside of your fridge.

Quick Fix

For now if your refrigerator calls for DA29-00003F Samsung Aqua Pure Plus Refrigerator Filter, order the F instead of G. Even though DA29-00003F has been discontinued according to everything I come across.

Buy this -> Ecofresca Filter
Buy this -> Samsung DA29-00003F Aqua Pure Plus Refigerator Filter
Not this -> Samsung DA29-00003G Aqua-Pure Plus Refrigerator Water Filter

Edit2:Samsung no longer sold at Amazon, buy Ecofresca Filter which fits fine.
Edit: Made this more clear to link to the F filter below.

8 thoughts on “Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Refrigerator Water Filter

  1. Herb Barnard

    Thank you for your blog. I was having problems tonight changing my filter, and had my wife on the computer looking for help. She came across your blog and it is just the issue I am having. I won’t waste anymore time and take this one back and look for the F,

    1. buzzkillb Post author

      There was another review that mentioned you could cut the teeth to fit, since the plastic is somewhat soft. But its much easier to return the wrong part to Amazon, and keep buying the right part.

  2. Michael Hartley

    The problem lies with the resistance from the system water pressure.
    Turn off or isolate the water to the Fridge then try changing the filter – Turn the water back on after putting the new filter in place.

  3. Mary K.

    Hi! I saw your blog about the Samsung Aqua Pure filter DA29-00003G and I am having the same problem that you had. I have bought three filters from various stores and none of them will screw into the refrigerator. Have you come up with a permanent resolution to the problem yet? I looked on Samsung’s parts web site for DA29-00003F, as you suggested, and they are showing it as no longer available. Thanks, Mary

    1. WT

      I too need a 3F filter but have not been able to locate one. I was told by Samsung that I need to have the housing alerted by a local repair shop. My fridge is 6 months old, still under warranty and I do not think I need an ALTERED fridge.I want a fridge that has not been altered. I didn’t buy this thing on Craigslist! I was told by a Samsung rep in store, that I’m asking for a bigger headache if I let them alter it. He said to try and get them to replace the entire fridge, given it’s their fault my filter won’t work to begin with. He also said they’re going to be ONLY making the long, narrow filters soon, so even if I get it altered to fit 3G soon they won’t make those and I’ll be out of luck and out of warranty. I recommend you call Samsung and raise heck. This is ridiculous.

      1. buzzkillb Post author

        Amazon sells the aftermarket replacement filters that appear to work just as well. I would order a bunch of those before modifying the fridge. I don’t want to hack anything on this fridge, but you probably could just cut the slots on the Samsung filters to fit too.

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