The lights are finally starting to die out around the house, looking at you bathroom fixtures!  I wasn’t sure if we should just replace with CFL (Compact fluorescent light) or go with LED for replacements.  I was standing in Home Depot and thought why not, let’s buy the more expensive bulbs and see what happens.  Also the bulbs are supposed to last longer and barely use any electricity.  Sounds like a win win situation to me.  I also hate how CFL’s have that rollercoaster design that stick out like a sore thumb if the bulb is visible. After looking through all of the different options, there are lots of different brands and prices at Home Depot, I decided to go with the Philips (60-watt) LED Bright White (3000K) Light Bulb.

Besides being the cheapest bulbs, they also had enough for what we needed to replace.  The other brands were mostly sold out in this particular color, wattage, and non-dimmable.  Not to mention a lot of the bulbs were broken in their packaging.  That’s not a good sign of quality control if the bulbs are breaking during shipping.  Philips were all fine, though I did buy out the rest of what was in stock.  Plenty of the lesser known brands were sitting all over the store, besides the light aisle.

Philips-LED 60 watt Bright White Box

There is something about lighting that made me excited to get home and put these in.  So I took a picture of the old broken CFL inside of the Philips (60-watt) LED Bright White (3000K) Light Bulb box.  The light is about the same size, but doesn’t look all funky.  The LED light resembles a traditional bulb, making the light fixture look normal instead of having the funny swirliness popping below the glass.

Philips-LED 60 watt Bright White comparison to Generic 13 Watt CFL

And then for the reveal. As you can see the light on the right looks aesthetically more pleasing.  The light also seems to shine in a better radius.  I was surprised to see that the light output was a little more white than the CFL.  And also the light looked a bit brighter during the daytime.  Onto the master bathroom to switch out all of the lights.  And wow, the bathroom is now lit up.  At night its what I picture how bright a the bathroom should be.  If you are in the market for some new bulbs check the Philips (60-watt) LED Bright White (3000K) Light Bulb out, as they are easy enough to return if you are unhappy, but I doubt that will happen.

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