The Cree BR30 2700k LED bulbs are easily the best LED bulbs for the money when looking for replacement kitchen can lights. The warmth the 2700k color gives against the dark wood cabinets and white counter tops is amazing compared to the old flourescent., or CFL,  5000k sterile daylight bulbs we were using before.

The light projection is similar which keeps the cooking areas nice and bright. The LED gives off much less heat than the CFL we are replacing. Make sure to retain the UPC from the packaging and the receipt as Cree has a 10 year warranty. A great money saver when replacing all of your kitchen lights at once is to buy theCree 9.5-Watt 2700K BR30 (4-Pack) and finish off with single bulbs. Another great feature is that these take no time to warm up. Nice warm bright light the instant you flip the switch!