I have been searing steak a lot recently and have been burning our new Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Pan.  I tried to clean the pan by soaking it in hot water and scrubbing with a lot of elbow grease.  Nothing I tried seemed to work so I searched the internet.

First I kept coming across Bar Keepers Friend® Cleanser & Polish.  But then I kept reading about comments about how the user was worried that they had to really clean the toxic stuff off of their pan after using this.  But all the pictures and videos I viewed looked great.  And that’s what I was looking for, something that actually worked to make this pan look good.  But I would prefer to know whatever is cleaning the pan wouldn’t be toxic, or having to go to the extra effort of once again making sure the pan was very clean after being cleaned.

And instead of using Bar Keepers Friend® Cleanser & Polish, I was starting to come across people using baking soda.  Sounds like my type of product.  Easy enough to find in our refrigerator and why not try it out since its already sitting there.  So off to the cleaning we go.


As you can see the Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Pan is still dirty even after I used a lot of soap and elbow grease including the red scouring pad.  Nothing I did seemed to make the burnt lookingness go away!  My first thought was when going to a Korean BBQ restaurant the grills get burned to a whole other color and magically a new grill will come out and its perfectly clean.  I know there is a trick and I can’t wait to try the baking soda.

stainless-steel-pan-baking-soda-sludgeI first start out by letting the pan soak in some water for a minute.  I empty out most of the water and pour the baking soda in to create a thick paste.  I start at an easy to get side while sitting in the sink and start scrubbing using as much elbow grease as I can.  I don’t think it takes very much strength after how quickly I got the pan clean.  After a little while the pan starts getting a sludgelike paste that shows some work is happening.  I couldn’t wait to see the final result.

clean-stainless-steel-panAfter some more scrubbing the pan came out looking almost like new.  Talk about a small miracle.  Now after I sear those steaks I can make our Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Pan look like we just bought it.  Go try out some Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and get rid of those pesky dirty looking stainless steel pans!

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