Had a few G4 halogen bulbs burn out on our house Possini chandelier and wanted to try out some G4 LED replacement bulbs. These Abbrillo G4 LED Dimmable Bulbs did exactly what I needed.

The bulbs are labeled warm white and are a nice white color. Not yellow like a typical halogen bulb, but not that hideous white like a hospital. I have them on a Lutron Maestro Dimmer switch and they work fine. The lowest setting has slight light output. The second lowest setting has a tiny hint of flicker. Every setting above has no flicker.

The original halogen G4 bulbs are on the right and show the slight yellow tinge. The new Abbrillo G4 LED Dimmable Bulbs are on the left and show a nice clean white.

The bulbs are warm to touch, compared to the original halogen lights being able to burn my hands. Very happy with this purchase and will be ordering another set of the Abbrillo G4 LED Dimmable Bulbs to replace the remaining bulbs in the chandelier.