We put an offer today on a little cottage style home in Highland Park. We are both very nervous and excited as this is our very first offer on a home. This home is well below our budget, leaving enough room to do some major remodeling. This place definitely needs a major facelift. According to a statistic we stumbled upon, it takes home buyers  at least 2.1 offers before they seal a deal. We anticipate that we may be outbid on this property, but we find it best to think positive. On that note, B and I decided to spend the late afternoon driving to IKEA to check out their model kitchens and bathrooms. Next we drove to Lowes to get an idea of their flooring and tile variety. Our last stop was at Barnes and Nobles. Pulling almost every house magazine we could find on the stand, we flipped through a huge stack of house magazines to get a better clue of the trends in home remodeling. We even went as far as looking at their miniscule Feng Shui section consisting of seven books.   If we are planning to gut this house, we might as well get a head start and get some ideas at the most basic places.

In the gallery below, are some ideas I stumbled upon online going along with the “cottage” style theme.

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