For the past week, B and I have been doing morning hikes in the LA region. Not only is this slowly whipping us into shape (I hope!), but the one hour trek through nature and the breath of fresh air allows us to bounce ideas off each other and keep us on the same page regarding our house hunt. We anticipate that the time allotted before we can “move in” anywhere will overlap our current lease ending in May. To relieve us of the stress of finding a month to month rental and moving our furniture to and fro, we’ve come to the decision that it’s best  to move back home to each of our parents for a couple of months. The idea of us being separated for a few months isn’t something I’m looking forward to, but it’s a small sacrifice we have to go through for a practical end result. Living rent free for a bit will also allow us to save some cash for any renovations and remodeling. It hasn’t hit me yet, that I’m going to be apart from B. It helps that both our parents live in the same city, but it’s still way more comfortable being just us two in our little space… every single day for the past year almost. I am confident though, that everything will pan out fine and that everything will work itself out in the end. Before we even decided to live together in the first place, I was a little hesitant, but somehow we’ve managed not to kill each other. Ha! Looking forward to my next morning hike with B.

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