After months of searching, finding, looking, driving, discussing, and deciding, we finally offered on a house we both agreed on. As of today, we are in escrow! We are excited, but I have to admit that I’m not totally head over heels until the home inspection tomorrow at 9am. What we love about this house, is the location and it’s easy access to many places we frequent (e.g. work, supermarket, mall, Costco, and family… to name a few). ¬†Although it is in move-in condition, the place still needs some TLC. Some of the immediate things we need to take care of include a new front door, upgrading the hardwood floors, repainting the walls, and new appliances! This 2 bedroom/1.75 bath home has a flexible floor plan, meaning there are multiple ways to utilize the space to customize it to how we want. Of course breaking down walls is something we can not do immediately, but we are both excited of the house’s endless possibility and potential.

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