I was excited to see this house today.

Talk about a big letdown in this flip that went wrong.

We arrived at the now lowered price house on 808 Verdugo Road in Glendale.  The house dropped $40k last night.  I was curious why.  Our agent mentioned that the house is a cash only deal along with not being able to resell the house within 60 days.  This already sounds like an interesting house to me.

The front looks decent.  Definitely a foreclosure as this house has seen better days.  Immediately when walking into the living room there is a strange feel.  A bit musty and a bit dark and gloomy.  Nothing wrong, but this has the feel of an older house that hasn’t been touched in years.  Immediately I was curious about the kitchen.  As the pictures online sort of show the condition.  Yes this house is missing the kitchen sink.  It’s also missing a place to put a fridge.  What?? you say?  Yes the there is no place to put a refrigerator.  Not only that but the kitchen is tiny for such a large square footage house.  I have no idea what the past flipper was trying to do here, but this makes no sense.  The counters are done and the cabinets are done.  But there is no sink.  There is no oven.  And the range above the oven is missing.  So nothing tells me that the past owner was looking to bust out a wall or anything to make way for what I would think is an important modern appliance, the appliance that keeps your food cold.

There are laundry hookups in the room next to the kitchen.  And an odd placed completely hideous water heater in total view of the kitchen.  What is going on here?  Nothing too spectacular to mention about this house.  But there is only one bathroom.  A bathroom that for some reason has had the tile in the shower/tub combo retiled.  But nothing else has taken place.  Not only is this odd, but this bathroom is tiny.  This would be okay if there was another bathroom, but this is just ridiculously small.

A couple things to point out on this tour.  The back bedroom is sloping down and feels very off.  Now I was curious what is going on here.  You can take a look at the narrow sideyard and notice the house.  Take a close look if you don’t see it.  The house appears to be buckling.  The outside wall shows this, but the interior wall doesn’t.  What is going on here?  My civil engineering company is working on a project very similar to this with a retaining wall.  Funny how I was reminded of this project by looking at this house.  I think I spent more time at this house just to get a feel for how nothing makes sense here.  Unless you have a lot of money, plus money for all the issues that will come up when gutting this place, run far away from this foreclosure.


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