I was really excited to see this house on 627 Pheasant St at the top of Mount Washington. I really liked the location even though I saw online how small the floorplan was. The streets are very windy getting up there, and I have no idea how a firetruck can possibly make it to the top and turn around. The streets are also concrete and severely broken, and in some need of some type of complete repavement. I don’t see that happening anytime soon though. Also on the drive I noticed many contemporary looking houses. Above this house though is a scary looking abandoned house straight out of a horror movie. Maybe this is supposed to look charming, but to me this is just downright creepy.

So we pull up to the property and let me start by saying once inside this house was a big letdown. Not only is the house tiny, but the floorplan is very awkward. I enter the living room and am greeted by two things taking up a lot of space. One is a fireplace taking up a 3’x3′ triangle out of the tiny living room and a couple of stairs that lead up to more of the house. This living room is cut up badly because of these two obstacles. Next I walk up the stairs and see the little bathroom. Now why does this bathroom step back down if I just stepped up to get into the hallway???? Besides a hole in the ceiling in the front master bedroom and some issues under the house in the garage, there are two big problems for someone buying in this price range. One is that there is no place for a washer and dryer. The next big problem is that the kitchen is smaller than a kitchen in a Las Vegas hotel room. What’s that you ask, most Vegas hotel rooms don’t have kitchens. Well this kitchen doesn’t count as one either. There are basically no cabinets, no space next to the sink, and a mini stove. I would call this space a small bar. And that’s where this house has gone wrong.

I also laugh at all of the ridiculous claims that the listings claim about some of these houses. Not to mention the claim is said again right on the sign, Canyon View. If viewing a pole and lots of trees behind some more houses at nearly level ground is considered a canyon view, then I just as well say beach views when staring at a hillside. This hyperbole has me more irritated than anything just like close to freeways, means a house sits right against the freeway. Close to school means your backyard is the playground. Stones throw to the beach means anywhere in California, including the State Line on the way to Vegas. To reiterate a canyon view from this house is reaching.

At one point in time this had to be some type of cottage to get away from everything. But now that everything has caught up to the cottage, I am suspecting a major renovation will be needed to make this cute little house more approachable to a buyer.


One thought on “627 Pheasant St Mount Washington a Big House Letdown

  1. cliff helander

    I lived in this house over 40 years ago while I was attending Occidental College, and I just loved living here. The owners had acquired the house for the cost of back taxes, renovated it a little (the hardwood floors and fireplace are more recent additions), and they offered it to us for $12k. We were young and foolish and not about to be tied down to a house payment, so we travelled in Europe for 6 months instead! No regrets, but I just had to counteract the harsh criticism of the prior review (however true it may be) with a recollection of what a magical place this used to be. In fact, all of Mount Washington was like heaven to me.

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