We arrive in my new favorite area to drive around.  The front of the house looks just like what Redfin shows.  Needs some work, ugly outside, needs some more work, did I mentioned it needs work?

Walking into this wonder, you first notice there seems to be a broken/missing window in each room.  Maybe the former occupants were curious just how close that stones throw away from Downtown LA was, they just started throwing stones inside the house to hit their target.

After walking through all of the ugly colored downstairs rooms, past the kitchen of dirtiness, we arrive outside.  Outside is confusing with what is going on.  So confusing in fact I didn’t realize what was happening until I entered from different angles and rooms to see how this is configured.  Steps down onto a porch with a huge brick fireplace.  Pretty cool with a nice view.  Now onto the weirdness.  You have seen the room with a stepped up toilet next to a huge jacuzzi tub, which is actually connected to the 2-car garage.  Did I mention there is a deck on top of the garage with a nice view of the city.  We couldn’t get inside of the garage, but I am sure there are some more oddities located inside.  Walking to the driveway which is pretty spacious, I notice a sewer manhole at the end.  Which I can’t tell which direction the pipe leads.  Then there is a retaining wall holding up the property and looks slightly out of wack in the middle right where a car would park just outside of the garage.  There is also a basement that has a separate door into it which we didn’t see.  This begins me noticing that there are some major drainage issues on this property when it rains.  Drainage issues that would basically flood the entire house as I later realize.

We decide to go back in and I see another room on the main floor that has a sliding glass door that has a private walkway up to that garage deck.  The only problem is that this obviously non permitted masterpiece is like a terraced waterfall that would be directed into the room with nothing to divert the water during a rainstorm.  Did I mention that one of these rooms looks from the outside like they made the large window smaller?  I don’t know what’s going on, and at this point I am done.  I know the Realtor wants to check out the whole thing, so we venture upstairs.

The upstairs has a very odd configuration with some random nooks located in the hallways.  I notice some more windows missing and some nice huge holes in the walls in another room.  Maybe the previous owners couldn’t throw their stones far enough so they started to punch out the walls in jest.

While we were touring this piece, another Realtor came in with someone who looked like an investor.  I think they looked at this place and basically ran.  I doubt they were running to go make an offer.  I have a feeling this property will sit for a very long time, or someone with some extremely creative flipping skills will perform magic.


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