At first glance we were ready to offer on this house with quirks.

A drive around later on made us think twice.

We arrive at this house as the rain starts to get worse, and the thunder becomes even louder.  Perfect, I get to see another house’s drainage.  This house didn’t quite drain right, which leaves me to believe some addon was done, but not done right.  How do I know this?  Civil Engineering basics in California says to drain the property to the original drainage pattern.  The problem here?  The driveway slopes down towards the back of the property.  For some reason the little one car garage has been connected directly to the house.  So now the water can’t go anywhere except straight into a low point that pools up in front of the house and driveway.  Where does that water end up you may be asking?  Directly under the house while eroding the house and cement at this low point.  What a mess.  There is an easy fix, but the fact that this wasn’t addressed bothers me with the way this house was flipped.

So now into the house.  The layout is really good.  A lot of light comes in through the front entrance, which is impressive since outside is gloomy and dark.  There is a bedroom in the front which doesn’t seem to have closets.  Okay that’s odd.  The bathroom sits between this bedroom and the master bedroom.  At first glance the bathroom looks redone, but going further back on Redfin show that this isn’t the case.  What is going on here?  Okay so we go into the master bedroom.  What is odd in here?  No closets either.  What is going on here???

Looking at the kitchen, this seems like a nice simple update.  Nothing special.  To get outside you walk through a nice little sunroom with huge windows.  This is where the laundry hookups go and just doesn’t make sense why this was done.  Outside is a tiny backyard hence the small lot square footage.  Nothing wrong here and I really like the sideyard with a picnic bench.  This can be redone to be very private.

At this point I feel like this may be the house and it’s a normal sale.  I am positive this is the first normal sale house I have seen and it’s great for what it is.  We decide to come back later and drive around the area and walk around the block.  Now for the fun part.  This flipped house still has its old bones under the stucco.  How do we know this?  My Mom first spotted this on the side of the garage on the neighbors side.  Nothing has been redone and looks like a haunted house from the neighbor’s backyard.  Not a good sign already.  We walk around to the back and notice the garage also edges up against the rear neighbor’s driveway overhang.  This part of the garage is also unfinished and seems to be missing wood and paint after years of destruction.  All I can wonder is what is sitting under the quick new stucco job on the top layer of the house.  There also seems to be more tagging than normal in this area, plus it is close to a school.  After a lot of consideration, going back and forth, and general heated discussion we decide this isn’t the house.  Two weeks later which is today and the house is still not pending.  There has been something about a historical district belonging to this house.  But I can’t find anything online to explain what this means.

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