We went to go take a look at this charming house at 586 West Montana Street in Pasadena.

The pictures can do a lot of the talking for this property as the outside is pretty cute.  The front yard is nicely landscaped.  Not too much wrong with the driveway except it could be replaced.  There is a funny bump that a lowered car would get stuck on.  Not really a big deal.

As we enter the house, we are greet with a really nice living room with a good sized fireplace.  This room works.  The only glaring problem is the Realtors cardboard table setup taking over too much of the room.  Which if you don’t have an eye for size, makes this room look very undersized.  Why they did this?  I have no idea.  Maybe the listing agent is a rookie selling their first house.

The kitchen is nicely done.  Nice cabinets, pretty decent layout, good vibe with a view of the street.  There is only one bathroom which is odd as there are three bedrooms.  The bathroom is fine.  Now the only really odd thing about the house is that to get to the third bedroom you must go through either the backyard door or through the second bedroom.  This is why our Realtor thought this house recently went from pending to active again.  The appraisal might not consider this a real third bedroom which would devalue the house.

We make our way outside and the yard is a good size, but very plain.  Definitely in need of some landscaping.  The garage is locked and appears that the roof is starting to cave in.  One of the walls also looks bowed.  I don’t really like the way the back of the house looks either.

This house is also very close to the high school.  So close in fact you can see the tops of the school buildings from out of the windows on the back of the house.  The freeway is also pretty close and you can hear the noise with the windows open.  A nice plus though is that the nicely manicured track at the school is close by if you needed to safely walk a dog or take a run.  This has to be one of the nicer tracks I have seen in Los Angeles.

So all in all this seemed like a good house in a good neighborhood.  The main drawback is that the price seems to be too high for what this is.


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