We headed over to the last house on the tour.  I already knew what we were going to see as this property has a lot of pictures on Redfin.  Coming up to the house I noticed the biggest problem.  This little house on a tony lot is engulfed by a 3+ story apartment complex.  You can probably figure out that most of this building looks right into the backyard.

The house has been updated to look very cute.  Not exactly a craftsman, so it doesn’t blend well into the neighborhood, especially with the wacky color scheme most of the flippers are using.  But the house looks good from the street. The floorplan works really well and uses every inch of space.  This even has a 2 car garage which seems to be rare.

Walking around the side of the house, there is a hookup for what looks like a tankless water heater.  Was it stolen or not hooked up yet?  It looked stolen from what we could tell.  At the end of the tour, I was left thinking this was just another cute little flipper house in a very edgy neighborhood.


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