We still have been looking at houses.

Now that we have basically seen everything in our price range, we will most likely be slowing down until another surge of houses come online.  I guess this gives me more of a chance to run my civil engineering business and making money.  Who knew the end result of having trouble finding a house would be making more money?

So onto the first of the houses that we have in the larger queue to talk about.  I made a last minute appointment to see two houses on what turns out to be what has to be the rainiest day of the year.  A huge storm with loud thunder is anticipated for these showings.  I arrive at the first house located at 4829 San Marcos Place in Mount Washington.  Let me start by saying the drive down San Marcos Place has to be the most steep street I have driven on.  These only stick out more to me since I drive a manual car, and it’s not always easy to drive on a steep street.  Thankfully the house was at the bottom and nice and flat.  This was a good sign as it seems like most of the hilly properties in this area appear to have soil landslide issues.  Getting out of my car I notice that this house is almost as cute as the online pictures.  Good sign so far.

No one comes to the already open door, so we wait and wait and wait some more until we finally hear the owner greet us.  He was talking to another set of people looking around the house.  Of course this is another short sale.  I am already sick of these at this point after being in a week long limbo after putting an offer on a short sale a little over a week before.  I am not snooty, but if there is something that I ever wanted to stick my nose up to, short sales would be the thing.  The banks have no idea what they are doing at this point.  I tried to keep a clear head as I tour the house.  First of all the front room is pretty big.  You can tell this immediately because the current owner has a lot of stuff in there, and the room still feels like a good size.  That’s a good sign.  Now onto the kitchen.  The kitchen is a good size too, but seems a bit off with the layout.  Like a remodel that was done, but not planned out, so it just ended.  Like most of these houses the kitchen was pretty dirty.  Nothing like a new counter, sink, appliances and some elbow grease wouldn’t fix.

Now to the weird.  You enter a full bathroom off of the kitchen that goes into a bedroom.  This bedroom is a good size and would be a perfect office.  There are two other paths in here.  One door leads to the living room in the front.  And the other door leads to the master bedroom.  I can’t picture a normal layout having to enter a bedroom to get to the master bedroom.  I can’t figure out why this is, and I don’t think houses back then were built in this configuration.  So into the master.  This room feels long and like something is off.  Clearly there was some type of addition as you can see in the ceiling and walls a line running down where I suspect some type of remodel happened.  This is a master bedroom because there is a 3/4 bathroom in here.  Nothing special, but there is another bathroom which is nice.  The homeowner said that this bathroom was permitted and the only thing remodeled in the house.  So that’s all we have to go off of regarding what is original and not original.  I have a hard time believing this, but other than going down to the city to pull past permits, there isn’t much else to verify this with.

I make my way outside to the backyard.  Which you exit through the kitchen.  I liked this as the property has a driveway with a one car garage.  And there is a decent sized yard too!  I walk into the garage and it has been converted into a dog room.  There is even drywall against the garage door side.  Maybe someone else lives in here?  Or all of the dogs on the property have a nice sized house for themselves.  I doubt this has permits.

One thing I did enjoy for this house was that it was raining hard.  Rain and properties do not mix well.  My civil engineering company shows me this constantly.  One thing I like to look out for is the drainage of the property, and this house was completely fine.  This wouldn’t be the case at the next house we go take a look at.  This house isn’t for us, as there is too much to do to make this house up to what we are looking for.


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