The house on Baywood in Atwater turned out to be pretty cute.  The area looks somewhat rundown.

We can’t expect much from these hot areas to be looking in, as most of the more affordable properties look completely torn up.  There seems to be a mix of Single Family and Multi Units on the street.  A majority of the properties are triplexes lining the street around this particular house.  The oddest thing about this house is that it sits so far back on the lot.  The lot is large and has almost no backyard because of this.  So in order to combat this, there is a gate on the front yard.  So now your front yard would be used for get togethers or a dog.

The house itself has been flipped.  The main bathroom has a shower that only a small person can fit in.  There is no master bathroom.  There is a strange addition that has been done to the back of the house with a low ceiling bathroom and a tiny bedroom.  I also can not stand in this shower because I am too tall.  So off the bat I can’t bathe in this house.  The 3rd bedroom could be an office at best.  I guess if you put a closet in a refrigerator someone will try to legally call that fridge a bedroom.  We came up with the idea since there is no washer/dryer area in this house, that the third bedroom would be a properly size laundry room.  That was easy.  I don’t see any value in calling this a bedroom once someone sees the size of this room.  Did I mention this room is tiny?  Does it fit a bed? Maybe.

The kitchen has this same problem.  There is no room to put a dishwasher.  Why would someone go through all this trouble flipping the house, putting a new kitchen in, leaving a large sized living room, and not making a little more room for all the normal appliances in a kitchen?  There was obviously little to no thought as this house was revamped, like a vampire missing teeth.  Sort of cool, but more useless than anything.  And this house just seems to fall short as each room is stepped into.  

The garage is just barely big enough to maybe put 2 little cars in.  So the idea was knock out the back wall of the garage and park cars in tandem.  I like to use a garage for what its meant for.  So this might not bother others.  As the driveway can easily fit 4 out of commission jalopies to rust and blend in with the neighborhood.  And hey look there is a truck doing just that in the driveway already.

In the end I think if the price was lowered significantly, this might be a good buy, as someone could come in and properly remodel the house so someone could actually live here.


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