For the last tour I took, we ended up at a house on 4141 Portola Ave in El Sereno. I like El Sereno as the city borders South Pasadena and seems like a good location. We drive around for a bit to finally arrive at a very interesting house. After parking on the steep street we find the first door. Walking through the door I notice this isn’t an every day door. The door on this house is about four feet high. And what is this? The door lip at the bottom is about 8 inches high. To walk over the threshold is like walking over a 6 inch stair and into an 8 inch deep stair. Very odd and I can’t figure out why this house would do this.

Onto the inside. We are greeted by a huge stone like shelf thing that is about three feet high and spans the width of the room. Inside of this monstrosity is a fireplace. In the small hallway is a bathroom with a sink and toilet. And what could be a panic room is a strange door leading to part of the unfinished basement. This would make for a perfect wine seller or a good place to store something large. Directly across from the bathroom is a narrow hallway that my hulking 6’4″ frame must slide sideways through into something that looks like a sauna with bench minus the heat, nice wood and door. I have no idea what this little room is.

Now to the upstairs. Thankfully this room is only part of the main house because of the stairway. The house is now completely opposite and feels very open with a lot of light coming through every window. The floors reflect the light very well. Staged furniture and paintings are placed throughout. Look up at the ceiling and you get popcorn. Walking into the over the top sized kitchen, I notice that half of the ceiling has been scraped. Very odd and makes me think a beam has been removed where half of the ceiling is scraped and the other half still has popcorn. Nothing fancy in here, just basic blah granite or granite like countertops and nothing to remember accessories and floors. Walking through the house is nice and bright still. There are weird closets in the main hallway where it looks like a water heater might go. Only to open another closet that has a newer water heater inside. What is going on with the houses layout?

Stepping outside it very nice. Did I mention the kitchen and eating area have a great view of the city? Outside has a raised deck that continues the amazing view which is very hidden because of the older trees blocking all views from the below street. The deck seems a little rickety but is probably sturdy enough to have a few guests come over for some drinks while staring at the view.

Onto the backyard which there isn’t we are greeted with what looks like a 2 car garage. The only problem is that someone decided to put a 1 car garage door with a column in the middle and a door. I guess this follows my most hated trend, convert everything in site into a possible rental unit. Whether these are legal or illegal just makes me wonder why someone is buying a house only to rent out part of the house. I might have to start calling single family residential houses duplexes from now on. There is also ample parking so the newly discovered tenant building can open a valet business out front. What a waste of space.

And what do my ears hear? A rooster crowing every few minutes. Surely when I look in the city for a house I am really looking to buy a farm instead. Or maybe this is like buying near the ocean and is supposed to take me back to simpler times. Whatever this effect of cities allowing roosters I think any sane person would be foolish to live next to something with that much noise constantly.

This was an easy no way, so now back to the internet to see what else pops up on Redfin. We did end up putting an offer on a house today. Fingers crossed so we don’t have to see anymore of these poor tormented houses anymore!

6 thoughts on “4141 Portola Ave El Sereno House Roosters not Included

  1. K

    Your blog is right up my alley — I’m addicted to Redfin!

    Looking forward to more posts, and best of luck to you as you look for your home!

    1. buzzkillb Post author

      Thank you. There will be much more coming up as soon as I get some more pictures.

  2. Henry Chinaski

    I looked at this house too – style wise, it has some cool mid century features but the flippers focused on the wrong aspects of the house. The wood floors are nicely done but the interior walls have a highly textured skim coat – which could be hiding something. Most of the windows are new but very cheap grid style units. Once you’re in the unfinished basement part, look up – a hodgepodge of questionable plumbing, cut floor joists, and exposed wiring.

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