I took the Redfin tour today with a field agent.  Turns out I have met him before through blogging and a building forum.  Today didn’t go quite as well as yesterday as the houses I chose were rough around the edges.  I will start with the most odd of all of the houses first, 402 Museum Dr. at the foot of Mount Washington very close to the Metro and Indian Museum.

This tour begins with parking on a street that you can only park on one side of and has barely any parking.  Next we see the sidewalk in front is being pulled up by shallow roots from an old tree that is what?, yes the retaining wall was built into the tree.  We walk up the first flight of stairs and see the first door.  This enters into a small kitchen studio with a tiny .75 bathroom.  Be careful walking as there are steps going down into what use to be the 1 car garage with no railing. Down below just screams unpermitted weirdness.

Walking back upstairs we enter through another door where the water heater and heating system are located.  This is also a pretty huge storage space that has been converted into something.  Maybe this was used for a small home theater as there are way too many electric 4-outlets all over the bottoms of the wall.  The room is also carpeted and smells freshly painted.  There is very little light in this room coming in through the window.  Did I mention to enter into this room, the entrance is made for a very short person, which meant I had to duck for the first 4 feet in, I am 6’3″.  Not to mention I felt dizzy entering this room.  I had no idea why I figured I hadn’t slept enough the night before.

Now onto the main part of the house, climb another flight of stairs and we enter the main house.  Surprising this floorplan is pretty nice.  There are modest updates that feel good and work with the house.  The only problem is that the dizzy feeling I had below is now worse on the main floor.  Walking into the bedrooms, instantly explains why.  When you open a door the door will close, the house is tilted!  I understand that older houses need to settle, but this titled feeling would get old really fast.  If you have been to a Mystery House, you know exactly what I am talking about.  This effect really plays with the mind.

So out onto the backyard we see a very nice new deck with a good view of the street below.  Also the hillside has a pretty steep slope that is slowly sliding do to the rain.  Not bad, but should be taken care of.  Also there is a new air conditioning unit.  I wasn’t expecting that.

Its hard to describe just how strange this house has become through renovations and the time and hillside beating the house down.  Not to mention there is no parking.  As we walked back to our cars someone was getting a ticket, for what I would guess is parking too long as the parking enforcement looked like they were checking for chalk marks on the tires.  I could be wrong but why else would a normal car get a ticket for parking on the side of a street while no one else was?  Did I mention that parking is a problem since there is no driveway and the 1 car garage is now an illegal living space?


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