I start out the day by meeting our new Redfin Realtor at this property on Valleybrink in Atwater Village.  My hopes are high that this won’t be a disaster as this sits on an R2 zoned lot and has a large lot.  I talk a little with the Realtor who is very easy going and seems knowledgeable.  What a nice change of pace from the Realtors I have worked with in the past.  Not only is he knowledgeable but he turns out to be very patient and not pushy as I walk around taking pictures and tapping on everything in site.

The tour didn’t start off as good as I was hoping, as the house was vacant but there was stuff left behind from the previous inhabitant.  Then the cracks and dirtiness start showing their ugly heads.  The house seems to be in decent shape throughout most of the floorplan.  Decent means this needs more than just a new coat of pain in each room.  The floors should be redone as well.  Towards the rear which looks like an addition by the way the ceiling slopes and the odd layout, there is a crack down the wall and another crack not inline with the wall crack running across the ceiling.  The bathroom has seen better days as the floor is cracked and chipped away.  The amount of bleach needed to clean the sink and tub would be more expensive than just buying a cheap new sink and tub.

Moving onto the backyard, a simple mowing of the lawn would work wonders, so that’s no big deal.  Parts of the outside of the house are in need of repair and new paint.  After leaving this property, I knew it wasn’t for us.  Not only is the price higher than our range, I think there is a decent amount of money needed to fix and clean the inside and out of the entire lot to make this more livable.  So it was onto the next property in Eagle Rock.


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