We leave the Cunard house and arrive at 3581 Division St. in Mount Washington.  I have already been warned that this house is not going to be a good fit for us.  How does the Field Agent know after showing us just one house?

We arrive and everything seems okay.  I was excited and didn’t take a real picture of the outside.  But I should have seen it coming as soon as we enter the tiny studio on the bottom floor.  Bars are over the windows on the bottom floor.  My only guess is this is a theme that others are trying to match as most of the surrounding houses do not have bars.  And why only put bars on part of the frontage of the house?  I doubt I will ever have this explained to me what the purpose is.  So we enter into a small studio space with an unpermitted bathroom addition.  I can’t stand these and from the pictures you can see why.  Sewer pipes exposed on the floor.  Maybe this can be touted as the next best thing in a bathroom.  Forget exposed pipes, let’s start putting the exposed pipes on the floor, even easier when there is a clog.  Perfect for the DIY’er.

So we move onto the main floor which is a story above the street.  Now this is why I am being told this is not something that I will want.  There is just something wrong with the layout.  And why, why, why are there bars on the bathroom window, which faces to the back of the house?  Is there a bear problem, where the bears will travel down the hillside to only gain access through the bathroom window?  Maybe there is some new species that only likes little houses with bathrooms facing the rear yard.  Whatever it is, there aren’t bars on the windows that someone could actually just break and enter through.

On the way to the outside this has the ugliset redone kitchen I have ever seen.  So bad in fact I couldn’t take a picture.  What the listing show and what is happening in real life are two different things.  I don’t know why someone would spend any money to renovate a kitchen to look ugly, but here we have it.

The back room before getting to the backyard appears to be an addition.  Something is off about this room, and the way you step down into this room from the kitchen area screams addition to me.  The big problem with doing this, is that the rear yard is basically a huge slope, draining water towards the house.  Want to guess why the house is stepped up from the backyard?  For some reason the backroom isn’t stepped and seems like this would flood in a bad rain storm.

So to the outside which sticks out like a sore thumb.  I am immediately told about the old retaining wall issues as I stair at the current “fixed” retaining wall.  There is a new block “retaining wall” built in front of the existing one.  It’s hard to tell if this was permitted, but I can’t imagine it was as there is no drainage to direct water away from the new wall.  Also after closer inspection from the top, the new wall is not holding anything up.  It’s just there for the sake of looks.  The back yard is basically unusable land with some paths that lead up.  But other than walking on a path, there isn’t much else to do.

Knowing there is a failing retaining wall and someone decided to construct a new wall is scary.  Whoever built this should have just stamped Mickey Mouse on the new wall to give the buyer a heads up.  Know what a real retaining wall with permits will cost before making an offer on this house is all I could think of for the poor sole who will buy this.

It’s on to the next house, which I am most excited about.


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