We started the tour by meeting at 2662 Cunard St in Glassel Park.  I remember we drove by this earlier in the week.  And what did I remember?  This property has no garage and one parking spot in front which is also the driveway.  Parking is pretty tight on the street so this doesn’t work well for a couple with 2 cars.  But I have to keep my mind open as we walk up the steps.

This house is very cute from the outside.  I wasn’t expecting a flipped house though.  the interior was upgraded to look pleasant.  The floorplan worked well.  But the running theme of today’s tour was super tiny bathrooms.

Onto the outside, the landscaping was very nice. Not much of a yard with the low retaining wall.  Though the backyard is large enough for a dog to run around in, though a more intelligent dog breed might get bored really fast in a 10 wide yard.  I was trying to figure out how the house could be pushed out to make it larger, but I think the only way to do this would be to push out the house into the backyard slope and use the house as a wall.  And then terrace above that to make the yard and put in another retaining wall.  Obviously this is not worth doing, especially on a lot that should have a garage.

I am not sure what type of buyer would pursue this property as this is close to a school and the freeway.  This was the only house today that had any promise but its outside of our price range and is missing the thing I cherish most, a garage/parking.


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