We made the offer on 237 Laun St. in Altadena the day it went on the market.  We offered less than the asking price up front.  We were then asked if we could go any higher as there were multiple offers.  We ended up going close to asking, but not quite there.  We then started to negotiate a faster escrow.  We found out the next day that we lost out as there were much higher offers over list price.


The house was really nice.  It looked like a proper flip for once.  New everything except windows it seemed.  The only real thing missing inside was hardwood floors.  Everything else looked great including that nice new AC unit on the side.  Though it appeared that the water heater wasn’t completely new, we forgot the check the date on it.  The backyard is simple, and would take some very minor landscaping to have a nice backyard.

Back to the drawing board once again.

I did come across this article about a property we had seen before, 610 N. Avenue 54.  http://lanewstalk.com/?p=6035  An interesting read if you aren’t familiar with the preservation district in the Highland Park-Garvanza District.

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