I saw this El Sereno House pop up on Redfin and was more than curious to see what was going on.  Were we in for a surprise.

We arrived not too far from another house we liked but missed because it went pending pretty fast.  It seems bidding wars are starting to happen again.  So when 2322 Bullard Ave popped up we found out there was an open house and we immediately made our way there.  The street was about the same as what I saw from the Google Street View. Most of the houses were taken care of in the area, others were falling apart.  A typical street in Los Angeles.  The house is located on the hillside so the street is narrow.  No parking on the opposite side, this is most likely in case a fire truck needs to get through.  So we park and start to make our way towards the house.

First off, the driveway needs to be repaved about 30 years ago.  Well what’s left of the driveway.  Looking down the steep sloped driveway I can tell this isn’t the house for us.  The garage appears to need major work and there is a carport about to fall, on its last legs.  We make our way towards the front door.  I kept telling myself why is this house priced so high if it already appears to be a full gut to the studs type of property.

Entering through the front, the house appears to be a mess.  The owners are inside along with the agent and they apologize for the house not being ready to show.  So why did they decide on having an open house if the place shows like a wreck?  Not only that but the description is severely lacking in the MLS field.  “Newly painted inside”?   Though I guess to make this point clear every single light switch fixture has been taken off.  Maybe this is to prove that something has gone on in this house related to paint?  I don’t see it.  We slowly walk around the house and it just goes from bad to worse.  Even though most of the furniture has been moved out, everything is very sloppy.  Now why would this matter?  Because the remaining furniture has the same rotten tinge that the house starts to exude as we walk through room to room.  Making our way around, as I walk around I started to wonder will I fall through the floor?  This seem to be a real possibility.

We are stopped in the kitchen to be told by the owner that the stove is a downdraft stove and the funky cabinets were custom made by her husband.  They do look cool in an odd way.  But I don’t think they are for everyone.  The kitchen counter is gross and I don’t even know what I am looking at sitting on the counter.  You might start to notice a trend of why gutting this place is the only answer.  We start to make our way outside and we are told by the owner about each room under the house.  There is a door for a room with a freezer called a freezer room.  There is another room with something and a toilet that isn’t hooked up.  I was expecting something better, as who names a room the freezer room.  This room definitely has a freezer in it, but it seems more out of a horror movie than some grand room to have its own name.  Don’t get me started on this other weirdness with the toilet in it.  I am positive this really is from a horror movie.  Where you need gas in the middle of nowhere and try to find that one house, snoop around and start to get a bad feeling.  Only this house is next to the Cal State LA campus.  The toilet in the middle of a large dark room with two stepped floors under it doesn’t help the situation.  We immediately walk out of this area.

The patio that leads to under the house appears to be having some major slide issues.  Though the deck above looks like it’s fine and probably has been redone at some point.  The backyard is nicer than what is expected in this price range.  Calling this a park though is a wild stretch of someone’s imagination.  I started to think maybe when we sell our house I will put a fish bowl, gold fish even, in the backyard and call it a pond fit to be in the Long Beach Aquarium.  Where do they come up with this stuff?  Maybe some of these Realtors are given a House Madlibs on Steroids designed to crush the competition.  I say this hyperbole is adding to global warming for the waste of gas it causes potential buyers who have to be subjected to fake descriptions in the listings.  And really the backyard is the only bright spot of the property, but its nothing special.  We started to feel sick after breathing in whatever odd smells we encountered on this short tour.  We decided to walk up the driveway and leave before we wasted anymore time.  I did want my pictures which is why we didn’t just walk at the very beginning.  I do think this might be more of a bulldoze the house than gut the house type of project.  I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


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