A House that will sell fast only based on location.

 We drove around the area of this house in Eagle Rock and it’s amazing just how many people were browsing.

We meet in the afternoon on Friday to tour the house.  Now what is the first thing we notice?  The loud music.  At first I thought maybe the music was coming from the back of the property since this house sits against commercial on a major road, Eagle Rock Blvd.  But no, it turns out that the music is blasting from a little garage next door.  I was surprised just how loud they were playing so I took a video from the front of the property with my camera phone.  This could be a problem for people who are home during the day.  Though maybe that this house is close to Auntie Em’s is all that really matters.

First off, there is a two car garage, but you cannot drive two cars into this garage.  So this is a bit useless if you were looking to park two cars.  So we enter the house through the back door.  What are we greeted with?  The kitchen is in the middle of a renovation.  So we have a sink and a fridge.  That’s it.  No floor, no stove, no range, no dishwasher, nothing else.  This is it and shows really badly.  Where the stove would be placed basically blocks the door to the living room.  Something is off here.  The laundry hookup next to the water heater also shares the same fate, of blocking the path of travel.  This time it would block the exit out of the house.

The bedrooms are small.  They also have carpet, but a quick peak underneath reveals the original hardwood floors.  Why cover this up?  The single and only bathroom is cute even though everything is very dated inside.  There is also a little storage closet inside the room.  Not bad, but this room would need to be reconfigured at a later date.

Now onto the big problem with this house.  Bring a marble to see what is going on.  The floor seems to slope multiple directions in the living room.  This is compounded by a large crack that has been sort of covered up running down the length of the house in the bedrooms.  Not only is the living room floor sloping, but the beam in there seems to be sagging.  My civil engineering background tells me that this may be okay as a deflection of lessthan .5″ is acceptable in the beam.  But this should be checked out further.

I would be hesitant about this house without having backup money for the issues that will come up.  At first glance this house looks like a slam dunk buy just based on the neighborhood.  But looking a little closer there may be some major gremlins all throughout the house, ready to wreak havoc on your wallet.


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