A House in Burbank surrounded by everything, that causes faster death

We saw this house in Burbank pop up on the listing and were excited to drive by and see how it looked.  As we drove around, since I wanted to get a feel for the area before we got there, we passed train tracks.  Next we pass an eletrical plant. I joked oh those are big houses on this street, maybe that’s the mask all of the negatives around this area.  Don’t forget that Burbank houses a small airport.

We see a house which looks pretty beat up and possibly having an open house, and then decide to go to Sports Authority before we start looking.  We need to keep in tip top shape to continue on this grueling path known as house searching.  After buying some dumbbells, we go on our way back to find the house.  Jokingly I said wouldn’t it be funny if that beat up house we saw earlier was the house.  Little did I know that was the house.  Now I could see why this house was priced low.  Who would want to live here?  A loud train rumbling through constantly, check.  An electrical plant close by that will increase your chances of death, check.  Planes flying above, check.  A busy main arterial street for the city, check.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand everywhere will have issues.  But this house’s location is ridiculous.  We made a u-turn and floored the car out of there, of course in safe manner when driving away in horror.


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