We decided to take the Realtor’s car for the rest of the tour today.  So I hopped in and he drove to the next stop in Eagle Rock.  The outside looks similar to the Google street view, except the grass isn’t 5′ high, covering the house.  The outside looks like a cute Eagle Rock home.

Walking in, the first question I asked was did someone die here?  There is still property scattered all through the home and it’s very easy to tell an elderly person was living here.  The paint is cracking and falling off of almost every wall.

The next thing that sticks out is a dent in the ceiling which hopefully has something to do with the heater that was installed as the roof looks newer.  In the same room there is a covered fireplace, which most likely doesn’t work.  Bummer.

Onto the rest of the house, this place is in need of a lot of fixing and gutting.  The walls are in bad shape.  The doorways are in awful shape.  Some of the doors are not even on the hinges and just sitting against the wall.  In the rear bedroom there is a closet that has writing all over it, like a little kid was writing notes, hopefully not while locked in the their for hours on end.

The bathroom is pretty bad and would immediately need a new everything.  Walking into the backyard there is a nice 1 car garage.  Inside the garage looks like there was an addition for extra storage or to keep a relative that wasn’t liked away from the rest of  family.  The rest of the backyard is pretty nice but has this awful view of a dilapidated mini house/garage.  I would hope that if someone were to paint this to make it not look straight out of a horror movie, no one would care.  As this next door mini house/garage thing is acting as a fence, I am not sure where you would place a fence to block this atrocious view.

This was my favorite house by far, and as long as there aren’t certain issues I could see us making an offer and getting some quotes to do some upfront maintenance and replacement before being able to move in.

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