A beautiful sunny day, perfect for open houses!

We decide to just drive around and see what open houses were around on a beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles.  The weather was perfect at 66 degrees, sunny and a bit of a breeze.  What more can we ask for besides driving with the convertible top down checking out houses on a Sunday?  This is exactly why people stay in Los Angeles and put up with all of the negatives.  The pros far outweigh the cons!

So we pull up to  a house we have driven by before.  A little 932 sq. ft. house situated on a very small 3,255 sq. ft. lot.  I hate the look of these little houses with burglar bars covering every window.  Such an ugly site to see on any house.

Stepping into the house we are greeted by the Realtor.  She is very nice and talks to us for a bit.  We then begin walking around.  The rooms are small but workable sizes.  There is a fireplace in the living room which is a plus.  Each bedroom is about the same size and in between the bedrooms is a small bathroom.  Nothing sticks out as odd or very dirty which is refreshing.  Though what looks to be the original flooring has paint all over it and hasn’t been taken care of very well.

The kitchen is small and could use any updating possible.  This kitchen walks directly into a bedroom.  This is the only odd part of the floorplan.  I think I would take this path out and close the kitchen off.  There is also an eating area on the front of the house.

Walking into the backyard, we see a nice small sized yard with some grass.  The one car garage is in pretty bad shape and looks to be infested with termites.  These termites must be fat as they have had a steady diet as there is a lot of wood missing.  There is an awning which is nice as I see a car parked underneath this.  Other than this, nothing unusual sticks out about this house.  We were warned about the whole short sale process, which still bothers me.  I wish the banks would get their acts together and let the process be more streamlined.  So onto the next house which turns out to be in El Sereno.


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