A cute house in a trendy area.

Mount Washington bordering Glassell Park, not bad at all.

We came to this house and I think we really liked everything that this address had to offer.  The outside is great.  The front has a nice place to put a table and just look at the beautiful view.  But once inside there is a lot missing.  First of all I have no idea where you would place a TV and a couch.  I am talking about even hanging a thin LCD TV on the wall and a small Ikea couch.  I don’t think this is possible.  Also the front guest bedroom is tiny.  So tiny that I would call this an office with a closet.  Not sure what size bed fits in here, but that’s all you will be placing in that room.

The kitchen has a pretty good space.  It seems like a lot of wasted area, or the flip ran out of money to finish the kitchen off.  Something about this area feels off, but at least the kitchen has been redone.  Now to the oddness in the master bedroom.  Basically there is a tiny closet.  Also when measuring out where the only place a bed can go, I do not think a King will fit and still open the door.  Once again this seems like another room that is off.  But now for the most interesting part of the house.  The master bathroom.  This is just weird.  Imagine a closet that slides open, but instead of clothes what is in there?  A bathtub and sink. And going inside a bit more a washroom for a washer and dryer.  Now what makes this stick out even more?  Once you go back out of the sliding doors, there is another closet like area with the toilet.  This toilet room is somewhat large, but feels tacked on.  Not to mention the idea of opening multiple doors to get to the sink.  The bedroom also is pretty small and would be difficult to place furniture.

The backyard is the gem on this property.  It has terraces that have not been landscaped.  I am not sure why this hasn’t been touched, but if they did some basic landscaping the backyard would look amazing.  Now one problem I do see, but supposedly they have built this addition with a permit.  My civil engineering background generally tells me that you need at least 4′ clear around a house for the fire department.  The back of the house does not have this, so coming from the East sideyard you cannot get up into the terrace.  No big deal if this was permitted.

We could not get into the garage, and I still don’t see a handle on it.  So this is probably a mystery and a possible problem.  Looking down the street you can look into the garages and they all have major wall sliding.  This can be a big or small issue, but it’s something I think a potential home owner would want to see.  I have to assume that someone paying this price for a house in Glassell Park would own a car and might want to park it in the garage since there is no driveway.

We decided to pass on the house, as trying to figure out how to use the space inside doesn’t seem very possible.  I must say that the frontyard view is amazing and the backyard can be done very nicely.


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