GL.iNet GL-AR300M Mini Travel Router with 2dbi external antenna, Wi-Fi Converter, OpenWrt Pre-installed, Repeater Bridge, 300Mbps High Performance, 128MB Nand flash, 128MB RAM, OpenVPN

GL-AR300M-Ext is a mini travel router for working professionals and a programmable gateway for DIY hobbyists.

Larger Storage and Extendibility:

The router is with storages of 128MB RAM and 128MB Nand Flash, which can be further extended using external USB sticks. There are 2 Ethernet ports, 1 UART, and 1 GPIOs available for hardware DIY. It is an ideal portable gateway for IoT development.

WiFi Converter:

WiFi is extremely popular but still may not be available at anywhere. If you are still using a wired network at hotels or cafes, this mini router is able to convert it to a wireless network for sharing the WiFi with all your devices.

Even in places like cafes or restaurants with WiFi, it is not good to expose your devices to the public network directly. This router converts a public WiFi to your own WiFi with a firewall and then works as an agent for securer surfing. The agent connects all your devices when switching to a new WiFi. You don’t have to input password for each of your devices.

The router is also able to convert your phone tethering, or 3G/4G USB modems into a private Wi-Fi.

Portable Travel Mate:

The router is lightweight, pocket friendly, and portable. It can be plugged into any laptops, power banks, or 5V DC adapters for power supply.

Open Source and Programmable:

OpenWRT is pre-installed and backed with a repository of 4000+ software packages. Pre-installed with an OpenVPN client, it works with 20+ VPN service providers.

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Just picked up a GLi GL-AR300M Mini Router from Amazon as I wanted a router for travel and to tether my cell phone with.


The package comes with the device itself, 2 antennas and a mini-usb cable. I chose the unit with antennas as any extra range these might provide sounds better than not having extra range. For setup, hook up the unit to USB for power and wait for the device to power up. Look for the SSID through your wifi device and input the default password. Once connected go to the default ip address and start playing around with settings.

First change the admin password, then change the SSID and WPA password. Then go into WAN settings and drop down to WISP mode. Input your local (home) SSID and password, and now you have a repeater with a firewall. At this point I upgraded the firmware to the current version. If you are on a WIFI that is based on MAC address, logon to the WIFI through a device, and then the unit allows you to clone the MAC address from that device. This is all very simple. Go through the manufacturers website here for docs on how powerful the mini router can become.


After updating I put PIA VPN files onto the unit for when we travel. I used this zip, PIA Config Files, then dragged and dropped that zip file into the interface. From there I input the logon/pass and select which VPN region and now we have a secure connection. The internet can be turned off if the VPN connection is lost. I also configured my Edgerouter Lite’s VPN in a similar way.


Last but  not least I wanted my cell phone’s hotspot to be broadcast through the GLi GL-AR300M Mini Router. We have enough cable outages that’s its nice to use the cell as an internet backup. This step really depends on your phone, and it may or may not be easier with an iPhone. I have a Sprint Samsung S5 with CM13 custom rom. Power up the unit through the mini-usb and plug the phone into the USB side. On the phone (CM13 rom) I went to settings->…more->tethering & portable hotspot->clicked it on and the AR300M found the phone under settings->WAN settings->tethering. From there I could get onto the internet through Sprint.

Another nice add on would be a small USB hub with a USB stick attached to share files. I could stick work files, pictures, movies, music, or whatever useful files to be shared on here.

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